Our Mission

Our School is committed to providing quality care and education for preschool children; modeling an exemplary developmentally age appropriate and culturally sensitive Montessori Program for the Students.

Our Philosophy

Our school curriculum is based around the idea that every child is smart in his or her own way. We focus on meeting each individual child’s developmental and educational needs. Children are guided and encouraged by our experienced teachers, and advance through each program at their own pace. Because children learn best when they are actively involved, classrooms include rich learning centers to explore. Self-directed investigations and play build problem solving and critical thinking skills.

The Montessori Methodology contains four major curriculum areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Math and Language. In addition, Science and Social Studies (geography and history) are introduced into the classroom under the heading of Cultural Studies. Appreciation for The Arts (music and art) also finds a home in the Montessori classroom.


Montessori School