Our programs are broken up into 4 different classrooms: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. Typically, Montessori programs are not aged based but developmentally based.  We’ve included age ranges as a general guideline.  It happens quite often that students are placed in classrooms that are outside the age guidelines.  The decision to do so is based on the teacher’s evaluation of the students.

Montessori Programs
  • Red Classroom

    In this caring class we start around 9:00am even though some of the children are here as early as 6:00 A. M. The day usually starts with free time where the children are free to play with the Montessori tools they have been approved for and gravitate towards.

    After breakfast, about 9:30am, the children are once again encouraged to engage with the other children and further develop mastery with their Montessori tools.

    Outdoor play is also essential in the children’s development so before lunch, the children move outside to play on their own playground which is specifically designed for the younger children.

    After lunch, they children are given the opportunity to play outside once again before they settle back inside for their nap. The children wake up ready for their next challenges: arts & crafts, music, dance or yoga!

  • Blue Classroom

    The 3 year old class is where children begin to learn to love learning. In the Montessori environment the children are encouraged to select their own natural desire to learn.

    All materials in the classroom are within reach of the children and are categorized according to the Montessori method such as practical life, sensorial, math language and cultural.

    Some children arrive as at 6:00am but the class begins at around 9:15am with the circle time. During this time, Montessori materials are introduced to the children. This is the most important time in the class (parents are encouraged to bring children to participate in the circle time each day.) Once the circle time is over, children are free to choose their own work, with the guidance of the teacher. Children are encouraged to follow the classroom rules during their work time.

    By 11:00am children are ready for outside play. Weather permitting, the children move to the lower playground where they utilize some of their stored energy. This is a time when the children are further developing their social skills.

    After the children are done outside, they move to the lunch area for their meals. Then it’s time to rest and re-energize their brains to be ready for more activities.

    The environment in this classroom is one that teaches children, self discipline, concentration, self control and motivation.

  • Yellow Classroom

    In our classroom, we start each morning with circle time. Circle time is an opportunity for teachers and students to interact with each other and is crucial for a child’s academic and social development. After the circle time, the students then move on to the Montessori work period. On any given day you will see children working on continent puzzle map, spelling, phonic, math, practical life and many other Montessori jobs.

    Each child moves at his or her own pace. Therefore you will not see the entire group of children doing the same thing each day, nor will the children move onto other subjects at the same time. This is the beauty if the Montessori classroom. We have children working on simple 3 letter phonetic words while other children in the same classroom are practicing more complex phonograms. The same applets are used for each subject in our classroom.

    After the Montessori work period we have another circle time. At this time we practice letter sounds, names of the countries and parts of animals, just to name a few.

    This takes us to lunch and outdoor play time. Outdoor play time is a great opportunity for the students to use much of their pent up energy in a constructive manner. Not only is it usually one of the kids’ favorite times, it is also another social development opportunity.

    After their outdoor time, it is nap time. The classroom is converted into a peaceful, quiet place to allow the students to sleep or just rest. This afternoon nap is extremely valuable for their afternoon learning. The students wake ready to absorb their world around them.

    The afternoon starts with a snack and more play time. Then the students come back in the classroom for more Montessori work and we wrap up the day with music.

  • Green Classroom

    In this classroom we start our day with circle time. This is an important start to each day as this is when we take roll call to see who is attending that day. We then have a snack and from there begin our Montessori work period.

    We eat our lunch with the other classrooms and then go back to our classroom for group time. This is where we learn about the continent of the month through songs and activities. At this time, we also practice our letter sounds, numbers, calendar, etc.

    After group time we go outside to play. After play time we come inside for remainder of the day.

    When we wake up we have a snack and then move on to Montessori work. When we have completed our second Montessori Work Period, we go outside for more play time. When the weather is nice we may stay outside until it is time to go home. If the weather is not nice we go inside for group activities to close out the day..

Montessori Programs