Montessori Testimonials

There is no better reference than our current children’s parents. Read a sampling of what our parents are saying about their experience at Sierra Montessori Preschool.

Montessori Testimonials

 Dewey P.

  • I am a physician in Santa Clarita and my wife and I were looking for a good Montessori or preschool for our son for a long time. A close friend of mine who also is a physician recommended the Sierra School to us as both his kids flourished there. He told me that the level of dedication and nurturing the staff has is unheard of and that because of it’s director, Lalanie Herath, both his sons matriculated to kindergarten into LA’s top private schools.  We decided to enroll our 3 year old son into Sierra School on a trial basis. Since starting there, my son has made lots of friends, is reading and writing, has expanded his vocabulary considerably, and is generally thriving. He comes back from school talking about all the things he did that day and can’t wait to go back the next day. It’s to the point now where Friday is his worst day! We are so happy and relieved that we made the right choice for our child and he is now 4 and half years old. We are in the process of applying to highly competitive private schools in LA for kindergarten and without the dedication, personal attention, and educational skills of the teaching staff at Sierra School our son would not be where he is today.  Thank you Lalanie.
  • We enrolled our 2 year old daughter here after checking out numerous other preschools in Santa Clarita.  In the last 6 months she has developed great speech, learned her numbers, puzzles, how to interact with other children etc etc. She loves this school and so do we. The staff is very attentive and communicates very well about my daughters wellbeing. Numerous times I have shown up unannounced, early etc and have seen a great staff hard at work making sure my daughter is safe, happy and learning.  Great place and great staff!!


  • My 3 year old son has been attending this school for about 6 months and I’m extremely pleased.  My son has a great relationship with his teachers, Ms. Lalani and Ms. Oshi! There has not been one day that I have left my son crying or not wanting to stay at school.  I have watched my son grow and I look forward to what the future holds here for him at Sierra Montessori Preschool.  
    I highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a family setting preschool to take care of your little one.  
    Thank you, Sierra Montessori for being a part of my son’s upbringing.


  • My twin boys have attended this school for two and a half years, and now our 2 y/o son has been going there for about 2 months.  We absolutely love this school.   The staff is caring, loving and experienced.  

    We took our twins out of a different school with teachers who for the most part, were very young and did not have children of their own.  What a breath of fresh air this school was!  Ms Lalani is so caring and patient with our boys, though I know they are a handful!  

    I have watched them change and grow at this school.  Last week my son recited all of the countries in South America while pointing to their locations on a blank map.  They are reading and doing addition and subtraction.  All of this by age 4.  They are in the kindergarten class, but doing at least 1st grade work.  My little one (who doesn’t have much language yet, though already improving since he started at this school) lights up when he sees Miss Nancy in the morning and can’t wait to go in and start the day.  

    My twins tell me all the things they did during the day on our ride home in the car (planting tomatoes, doing their workbooks, a new art project, playing outside).     

    Above all, this school has been a nurturing, enriching, and safe environment for our precious children.  They are happy here, and they love their teachers.  Ms Lalani and the other teachers have instilled a love of learning in our boys that will serve them well in life.


  • My son has been going to this school for a little over a year now, he loves the school so much and especially the teachers. He has learned a lot of new things and has made friends. I trust this school with my son completely; I would recommend this school to anyone. They are very understanding and help you any way that they can, not only do they have a great relationship with the kids they have a great relationship with the parents. Thank you for everything you do for my son


  • Hannah H.
  • Canyon Country, CA

We have been with this school for 2 1/2 years. We love it. It has been a great education and we couldn’t be happier with the staff. Whatever happened in the long ago past is not going on now, if it was ever going on at all. You might want to judge for yourself. Take a tour, talk to other parents.  We wish the school went up to 12th grade.

    • Anulekha K.
    • Santa Clarita, CA

Our son has been coming here for a year now and this is by far one of the good pre-schools that you can send your child to. They follow the Montessori teaching method so every child moves in his/her own pace. My son only 3 1/2 can do addition and is learning to do subtraction. He can even name parts of a tree, the different continents and months and much more. He is learning to read simple words and can do so without much help.

When he first started the school, it took him about 2 weeks to get over the separation anxiety. But once he was over that, Ms. Oshi became his absolute favorite. There was a phase when he wanted to do everything with Ms. Oshi. He simply loves coming here!

Some of the younger kids even the older ones occasionally have difficulty feeding themselves. I have seen the staff take extra care and feed them personally, so I can rest assured my child will finish his lunch! Ms. Lalanie goes the extra way to warm each and every lunch box. I mention this because in my son’s previous preschool, even after requesting the staff this seldom happened.

We are aware of the complications the school has been going through, but personally my family has seen nothing wrong going on here. I haven’t heard any other parent complain either. So many kids still come here and parents continue to bring their children– it is common sense–there has to be something good here, while else will all the parents stick with Ms. Lalanie and Sierra School? We all love our child and want the very best for them. Most importantly, we want them to be around loving and caring people. This is just the place! People continue to come here–The reason is simple: The staff is caring, experienced and the children are thriving academically.

Before jumping to any conclusions, why not try it and see for yourself!

I am happy, my son is happy, my family is happy here, that’s all that matters! I give Sierra School 5 stars.


My son has been going to this school for almost a year this July. When we moved to Santa Clarita, we… My son has been going to this school for almost a year this July. When we moved to Santa Clarita, we were looking for a decent school preferably a Montessori. We scheduled an appointment and took a tour. The school does not look much from the outside but once we entered the premises, my husband was excited to see all the space around the school which meant our active child could have plenty of space to run around during the playtime. Ms. Herath explained to us about the Montessori Method and we immediately decided to sign up. Since it is just a preschool we were not really expecting much since to us preschool stands for fun and play. After a few months our child’s teacher instructed us that he had been doing addition–he is only 3 years. I was able to write, sound letters, and numbers and what impressed me more was not just my child’s progress but the fact that Ms. Oshi–the teacher–amidst all those children was able to spot the ability of the individual children and nurtured it instead of just giving him the regular and predesigned work that the students are supposed to follow. She customized the lesson plan based on in each child’s individual capacity. This is the case in other class rooms also, where each child will be found engrossed in doing their individual work based on their interest and capacity. Our child has learned a lot since he came in here and we are happy with his progress. Yes, we are aware of the probationary status of the school and so are all the other parents who still continue to send their children here. In fact there have been many parents who chose to continue with this school all the way through Kindergarten. Despite of what some people may have to say, I know, my family has had a good experience here and our child loves his teachers to an extent that he thinks Ms. Oshi is his sister and wants to go home with Ms. Herath. I have seen kids who keep following Ms. Herath everywhere simply because of the affection they feel towards her. If they were abusive as some reviews claim surely these kids would react the way they are towards their teachers. This is not the first preschool we have tried. We moved here from CT and our child has been going to daycare/preschools since he was 9 months old. That was the time when my child took to separation anxiety in such a way that he refused to eat, day after day. The teachers showed concern and wanted to learn how we fed him but there was no improvement and we had to withdraw him and wait until he was at least a year old. When he was 1yr we tried another daycare, he gradually improved but then would have tremendous accidents. He got bit my other students 8 times during a course of 3-4 months. He feel in the playground and lost his finger and thumb nails TWICE! Now after all this when we came Sierra School we feel comfortable here. No such accident has yet happened. If the children have difficulty eating on their own, the teachers even feed them. They encourage the kids to clean up after their mess even food and all. They teach basic life skills that are useful in leading a more independent life, which I deeply appreciate. My child even cleans up after him a at home even when I am not looking or asked him to do so. So for me Sierra School has worked out quite well. Sure there is scope for improvement. They can get more help and perhaps include more fun activities also. I don’t intend to disqualify any parents’ bad experience here. I only intend to convey that I am happy with the service.


Great place, good for children never had a complaint in all these years since my child has been going there.

    • Mary K.
    • Palmdale, CA


This school is exceptional! It’s one of the best school. I have ever enrolled my child in and it’s the best decision a parent can do for their child. My child has only flourished since they enrolled and been making friends, the teachers are all very nice and genially care for the children interest. My child stays there full-time and there has never been a complaint. They do an excellent job.

Shay S.
Canyon Country, CA 

    • I couldn’t be happier with this school.  I have 2 kids who have graduated from Sierra Montessori.  Each of their teachers have commented how advanced they are.  The study habits they learned at Sierra Montessori have stuck with them and have proven effective for the past 9 years.

      I am looking forward to sending my next kid there later this year!

      To all of the teachers there…thank you!

      -Shay Canyon Country, CA


    • Ed R.
    • Acton, CA

This is a wonderful school! I have had 2 kids go here and my third is about to start
The director really cares about the children and their families.
The teachers are very nice